The big imposture !




The majority of the religious Christians sincerely in God were unfortunately deceived, indoctrinated, influenced and misled in their faith worldwide integer. The men(people) of the church know perfectly well for the most part of enter they that they are in the error and the mécréance but in front of their stubbornness and their arrogance, they preferred denied the truth good(well) that they has him(it) know perfectly, by confining itself and by persisting in the perdition and the distraction. Their Universe and a false, distorted(altered) and corrupt world where days are dark and ambiguous although the big sun shines on heads. They are similar to Satan the devil, knowing that he(it) was eternally cursed and condemned, he did not hesitate to make a commitment blindly, hands and fists bound(connected) in the mouth of the wolf, in the renunciation and God’s blatant désobéisance, by pulling(entailing) with him all his followers and his allies among the unconscious human beings, who do not stop persisting in their blacks ideas and their devilish behavior by persisting in ” prolonging the pleasure ” in this big and fatal spiritual error. Worse still, these last agravent their case by dragging behind them certain sincere Christians and in lack of the truth sprituelle, to follow them in the way of the big human madness and make it accomplices, by adorning them the pleasures and the attractions of this mediocre life, in particular by demonizing them and sigmatisant the Islam and in their noicissant its beautiful and noble image by certain idiocies.



On the other hand certain elected representatives and by the grace(favor) of God, woke up from this horrible nightmare and returned to the reason, in particular by concentrating and by considering things in their just value. However and by their doggedness, their spiritual concerns, their searches(researches) and their studies sincere and deepened(fathomed) in the domain, they finally managed to go out of the ” perverse ghetto “, they managed by the grace(favor) of God to lift the veil who(which) wrapped them the lasting life and to free(deliver) itself from the yoke of the deceit, the trickery, the big imposture of the men(people), to recognize the lie and to go away there, by distinguishing the truth of the forgery, by noticing finally that they were deceived and “taken for a ride” by a real armada structured by an insidious and deceitful hierarchy, compound(made up) of men of the Church, of Media and islamophobic of all kinds worldwide, from whom the only and main objective, consisted in diverting and in disorientating the maximum of unconscious, perplexed Christians and in search of an exit of spiritual help, a real way of eternal safety(salute), by avoiding in particular to them moving in the Islam, To kiss(embrace) the big truth which we always hid them. A French Writer in said one day, this beautiful quotation which apperente perfectly with our subject: ” the lie to be believed has to disguise really, it is its limit there “.


There is no other God except Allah (excited he(it) is) and there is no other religion other than the Islam. It is useless to look somewhere else, it would be only a waste of time and the time(weather) does not belong to us! Our only Creator is Allah (Excited he is) and It is Him whose help and the guided we implore. We look for refuge with Him against the wickedness of ourselves and against our evil deeds. The one that Allah guides, will never get lost and the one that Allah misleads will never be guided. I show that The Only one who deserves the worship is Allah l’ Unique and what Mohammad (salted alayhi wa salam Allah) is His admirer and His messenger. Know expensive fréres that the healthiest and the most sincere word is the one of Allah (Koran) and the most right(straight) path(way) is the one of the Prophet Mohammed (salted alayhi salam Allah) and the noble way of its pickets Companions(Journeymen) (that Allah les Agrée all) and of all our Prophets (Peace on them), and the worst of things is the novelty and any novelty is an innovation, and any innovation in our religion is a distraction and any distraction is in hell.



Our Lord Exalté Il is guided you towards the straight and narrow, He elected you among so many servants, and granted you this big favor which is the Islam, this infinite mercy which has other remuneration no than the Paradise Eternel Inchallah. For love of Allah you left the Christianity and for some the Judaism or other faiths, I congratulate you on all my heart, you undoubtedly made the good choice, by preferring the way of Allah to that of the darkness.



You kissed(embraced) the Islam by religious belief, with sincerity, by love, obviously on second thought, studies and searches(researches) and not accidentally(by chance) and Allah guided you and opened the doors of the Islam. From now on you are saved, you are on the good and real way of Allah, this way which leads by no means somewhere else otherwise to the Paradise and to these eternal delights. The path(way) is certainly still long and difficult to travel(browse), it is sprinkled with obstacles of all kinds, with obstacles and with difficulties, with temptations, with attractions and with sins which are in fact only tests(events) through which the Lord feels(experiences) the sincerity of the faith of his servants. For the real believer, this life is nothing else than a daily battle which he has to lead with courage, with endurance and perseverance, if he wishes to arrive one day at the end of the tunnel and safe and sound.



As you must know him(it) our Islam is a religion sincere, healthy and devoid of any change or one some denaturation. A healthy religion and in compliance with the reason and with the level-headedness(weighting), thus a religion which is in the line of sight, threatened by enemies from everywhere, insane, unbelieving, resentful islamophobes from whom the only objective is to divert(hijack) people of this big religion based on the peace, love and brotherhood and to pull(entail) them towards the eternal fires(lights) of Hell.


Our religion represents for us, the slightest of our acts, the slightest of our words, the slightest of our thoughts, an Islam which represents all the everyday life(daily paper) of our life. The Islam is not only a spiritual life, based on the prayer, the fast, the pélérinage or other religious oblogations. The Islam is a whole lifestyle, it is a geopolitical system, a cultural and educational system, a legal system etc. The Islam is a source(spring) of life! The Islam is for the real Muslim, similar to this running water which pours(flows,sinks), fresh(cool) and how much benefactress for our body and of which it consists of 60 % and that we can survive him(her) no more than five days at the very most. The Islam is the only wholesome way for the whole humanity. The Lord learns us nevertheless in saint Coran: ” Certainly the religion is for God the Islam. Those who received the Book fell in disagreement only having received the knowledge, by injustice from them. The one who denies the signs of God, God has the fast calculation. ” (Sourat: The family of Imran-V./19.).



Be allowed guide by your hearts, become attached firmly to your religion, resist the attractions of this worldly life which is not worth being lived. Conform sincerely to the Commands of Allah, to the sunna of his(her) Prophet Mohammed (salted alayhi wa salam Allah) and in the way of his(her) noble Companions(Journeymen). Know how to choose your friends, your social background, be allowed not seduce, let you not mislead by your enemies and those of your religion, let you especially not influence by the opportunists, by the ” moralizers of the darkness ” these sects deviants and non-believers who say to themselves Muslims seemingly and who in reality represent only themselves. These sects which by their behavior and their statements are only posting(showing) and proving of advantage their real hatred and resentment to the Islam and the Muslims. These sects which fight(dispute) the Islam are numerous worldwide, but the worst of these sects is other than the sphere of influence Shiite deviant who is based in reality on no Islamic foundation, only on the adoption of faiths non-believers and of dangerous and misleading positions. Be very careful my dear brothers and sisters reconverted ( ies ). This dangerous sphere of influence which the Islam rejects and denies, is in my opinion, worse than the doctrine of Orthodox Churches, of the Judaism and even the Atheism. A cancer, a real gangrene which unfortunately in reached(affected) and indoctrinated also a good many of Muslims through certain Arab and Muslim countries in the world.



Trust Allah (Excited he(it) is) which(who) teaches you in saint Coran: ” we sent before you only men(people) to whom We make revelations. Thus ask the scholars of the Book, if you do not know “. (Sura 21-7) and often conform to sincere hadiths with a chain(sequence of movements) of reliable and known reporters. Aggripez-vous as much as you can in your religion. The Prophet (salla alayhi wa salam Allah) as for him warned well us in several hadiths against the dangers in whom(which) he was afraid for us:


” However, when the prophet informed that this Oumma would divide into seventy-three sects, being all in the Fire(Light) except one and it is Jama’ has. Comes then in a hadith where he says: ” they are on what I am and my companions(journeymen) today ” .On hears(understands) by the term Jama’ has ( Ahl-As Sounna) ” people of the tradition ” and among them is Sidiqin (the sincere) and Chouhadas ( The martyrs).


So by acting, expensive fréres and sisters in God, we shall have certainly and each from us contributed to save our beautiful religion of the claws of Shiisme komeyniste and its fatal consequences and his(her) islamophobic followers (that Allah protects us from it) .L’ Islam is a godsend, a big blessing of Allah, let us protect him(it) and let us let us protect him(it) from any infringement(achievement) and stain! Our fate(spell) is between(in) our hands!



In saint Coran Allah (swt) teaches us:

“As for those who do not believe and handle with lie Our proofs, those are people of Hell”. (Verse 10 - Sura El-Bakara (The served table). 


“And of those who say:” we are Christian “, We took their commitment. But they forgot a part of what was called back to them. Thus we aroused between them the hostility and the hatred until the Day of the Resurrection. And Allah will inform them about what they made. (Verse 14 - Sura El-Bakara (The served table).” O people of the Book! Our Messenger (Muhammad) certainly came to you, exposing you many of what you hide from the Book, and the passer-by on many other things! A light and a Book clarifies certainly came to you from Allah! “. (Verse 15 - Sura El-Bakara (The served table). The Prophet (salla Allah alayhi wa salam) as for him warned well us in several hadiths against the dangers in whom he was afraid for us: in another hadith, The Prophet (salted Allah alayhi wa salam) describes the real sense of the life so” The life in this world with regard to the afterlife is similar to a quantity of water which gets back the one of you, when he dips his finger into the ocean “. An inconceivable thing, an obvious fact which no human brain to the world could design in its just value.


The Prophet Jesus (Aissa) (Peace and Safety on him) teaches us all: Jesus (that the Peace is on him) said: “love of this world and that of the other world cannot live in the heart of a believer, in the same way as the fire cannot live with the water in the same bowl.” (Biharoul Anwar, volume 14, page 327). We asked Jesus (that the Peace is on him): “who formed you?” He (that the Peace or on him) answered: “nobody trained me. I saw the ugliness of the ignorance and I avoided her. “(Biharoul Anwar, volume 14, page 326). He is brought back by the [Imam] have Sadiq (that the Peace is on him), of his father who, himself, heard his father to say:” Jesus (that the Peace or on him) was used to declaring: “as regards the terror which you do not know when you will meet her (that is the death), what prevents you from preparing you for her before it does not seize you abruptly?” (Biharoul Anwar, volume 14, page 330).



All this life so beautiful, so fascinating and so long is it, is in reality only a drop of water with regard to(compared with) the ocean!! Let us live simply and without excess, let us live good and usefully, let us despise this low life, let us turn(shoot) he the back and let us avoid(flee) its dangerous temptations, let us master and let us make of her our slave, not master(teacher) and especially let us be stronger than our passions, you will see, our life will be transformed and everything will go well for us. And why not? Our Prophets (Peace on them) and all our noble persons and pious predecessors nevertheless all lived so, why not us?


Dear converted brothers, the Islam and with the grace(favor) of Allah opened you its doors, it embraced you, are grateful to your Lord, and make a commitment in the distribution of this big religion worldwide!


That Allah Protects us and protects us from any nuisances as well as all our brothers and sisters Muslims, Amine!


Do not especially forget me in your prayers, I enormously need it!



Author: Abdullah Mokhtary (Article translates of the Frenchman)




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