The Islam is a heavy burden to be carried (worn) …






Unfortunately nowadays, we notice in cerains Muslim countries and everywhere else in the world, that certain Muslims “fight”(”dispute”) themselves the Islam passively and in their manners by their negative behavior and the bad interpretation(performance) of its big moral values in their everyday life(daily paper). Certain not Muslims as for them, fight(dispute) him(it) by satiric drawings (The case of charlie and other), others by slanderous and resentful papers, while others use the insidious and deceitful word in the effect to divert(hijack) and to mislead the sincere not Muslims and in search of the real spiritual way.


That we live in a Muslim country, in Europe or somewhere else in the world, the only mission for the real Muslim consists essentially in teaching to the not Muslims and in convincing the lost, perplexed souls and in search of the truth, by inculcating them the real moral values of our big and exemplary religion, through our good daily behavior. Thus, it is only by the knowledge, the science and the real moral values, that the Islam can conquer the world and its light will can an inchallah day, to light(enlighten) the whole humanity.



The ethics of the Islam and its big moral values, through the positive behavior of the Muslim, are fundamental weapons to defend(forbid) the Islam and its big values, and so invite the not Muslims to know the Islam and its real foundations, and to exhort them to move there and to kiss(embrace) him(her,it) with conviction and close resolution. Should the opposite occur, we become, us the Muslims, beautiful speakers who get involved to give to everything coming advice(councils) which we would need ourselves.

Before delivering the real message of the Islam according to the holy Koran and to the sunnah of the prophet Mohamed (salted alayhi wa alam Allah), it is necessary to be convinced of it oneself and to practise him(it) in its just value. The controversy, the stigmatization and the demonization of our big religion worldwide, is due just like the Muslim himself, in its negative behavior (intolerance, extremism, terrorism etc.). Arguments which interpret badly the real moral values of our Islam. That we want him(it) or not, the Muslim is unfortunately the only person in charge in this world and especially in the other one, as for the bad distribution of the Islam, the big mercy than Allah in wanted, there is of it fourteen centuries for the whole humanity. However and in front of God and men(people), it is to us Muslims, and to us only, that returns this fatal mission, this big and noble responsibility, which consists essentially in saving human beings’ maximum of fires(lights) and eternal agonies of hell, and that we shall report it to Allah the day of the Last Judgment, there is no doubt about it!



On the other hand and like it or not, the Islam is the big truth, the obvious fact which exists in each of us. Nevertheless we just have only to look around, the Islam is in us and it is useless to look for him(it) somewhere else. The Islam is a heavy burden on the back of the unbelieving, the relentless enemies of the Islam, its load(responsibility) presses heavily on their consciousnesses. And although we say or although we make, this God’s big truth will eventually triumph well one day, and everybody the connaitra, only for many of us, that will be far too much late … Nevertheless the endives which clear our cellars like to live in the darkness and loathe the sun.

However and about are the causes of certain and regrettable events which often shake the world generally and a part(party) of Europe in particular, is far from striking a blow at the good image of the Islam, because this big religion is protected by the providence. Allah ( Swt) made lower(go down) the holy Koran and the sunnah of his(her) Prophet Mohamed (salted alayhi wa salam Allah), and He will support them up to the end of time, against all odds …

Author: Abdullah Mokhtary (Article translates from French).




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