Initially, the Meccan unbelievers said Muhammad is the author of the Quran.  God responded to them:
“Or do they say, ‘He himself has composed this [message]’?  No, but they are not willing to believe!  But then, [if they deem it the work of a mere mortal,] let them produce another discourse like it - if what […]

The Obvious Existence of God !

From the moment man opens his eyes to this world a great order surrounds him.  He needs oxygen to survive; it is interesting that the atmosphere of the planet on which he lives provides more than just the adequate amount of oxygen he needs.  This way, he breathes without difficulty.  For the existence of life […]

Truth is within ourselves!

Islam is a universal religion is Allah’s mercy for all mankind. There is no other religions in this world outside Islam! There is no need to look elsewhere! This is only a waste of time, and time is unforgivable, it represents the Capital of man in this world, because every day that passes is a […]

The Night Journey and the Ascension (part 1 of 6):

The journey of the Prophet and Messenger, Muhammad, May the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, by night from the Holy Mosque in Mecca to the farthest mosque in Jerusalem Was a miracle Granted to Him by God. It is the first hand of a night of wonder and amazement, Prophet Muhammad’s Culminating in […]

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