Time to reflect


So if he dies on that night of his, he would have died upon repentance and if he wakes up, he will wake up going towards action, pleased with the postponement of his appointed time so that he can turn to his Lord and set right what he missed out on. And there is nothing […]

The great battle of the Muslim




The great battle that the Muslim must continuously carry!  A Hadith that the Prophet (pbuh) taught us and the Muslim must read all the daily prayers, “O Allah, we ask you all the good things that Your Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) asked T’a! And we ask You to protect us from all bad things against which […]

Mother allowed me to fornicate !!


A girl once asked her mother to allow him and allow him to practice fornication (having sex with others).  The mother who was wise, although surprised by this question somewhat original and unusual behavior of a daughter to her parents, she answered it could access his wish on one condition, that the girl manages to […]

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