The topic of inner peace addresses a universal need.  There is nobody on this planet that does not desire inner peace.  It is not a desire that is new to our time; rather, it is something that everybody has been searching for throughout the ages, regardless of color, creed, religion, race, nationality, age, sex, wealth, […]

These blessed that God has elected…

Rest assured, if you are sincere in your research and look for hard to know the true religion and Islam by belief, God will help you and will light your way and that you guessed one moment, you’ll find yourself in a world that you will certainly regret not to have known rather… Have the […]

The Islam is a heavy burden to be carried (worn) …

Unfortunately nowadays, we notice in cerains Muslim countries and everywhere else in the world, that certain Muslims “fight”(”dispute”) themselves the Islam passively and in their manners by their negative behavior and the bad interpretation(performance) of its big moral values in their everyday life(daily paper). Certain not Muslims as for them, fight(dispute) him(it) by satiric drawings […]

The big imposture !

The majority of the religious Christians sincerely in God were unfortunately deceived, indoctrinated, influenced and misled in their faith worldwide integer. The men(people) of the church know perfectly well for the most part of enter they that they are in the error and the mécréance but in front of their stubbornness and their arrogance, they […]

Islamic Monothéism !

Monotheism is the message that all of the Prophets came with.  People then deviated from the truth.  Then Prophet Muhammad, may God praise him, came as the final Messenger and restored true monotheism to humanity.  Below is a detailed explanation of monotheism in Islam. 
Monotheism in Islam
The concept of monotheism (known as tawhîd in Arabic) is the single […]

The science of the unconscious !

Riches and blessings of Allah ( سبحانه وتعالى ) are infinitely forever! The abundance of wealth and blessings of Allah ( سبحانه وتعالى ) The glorious for all of humanity are eternal and
Inexhaustible ! “If you calculate the benefits that Allah has created for you , you will not be able to evaluate them ! […]

We are all responsible!

 We are all accountable to God Almighty as our duty towards Islam, the true and only religion that the Lord wanted to humanity entiére.Mes dear brothers, Islam is a universal religion and in my capacity Muslim, it is my duty to remind all my Muslim brothers and my fellow Christians, Jews, atheists or other, not […]

The Morpheus of our time

End for someone who has dared to sully the El Aqsa Mosque with his feet : 
Apparently Morpheus ( Morpheus ) are not careful there is a God who looks and who controls and who will punish him if he continues to tell lies about Islam and the Prophet preferred to God : Muhammad ( sala […]

The science of the unconscious !

The abundance of wealth and blessings of Allah The glorious for all of humanity are eternal and inexhaustible!  “If you calculate the benefits Allah has created for you, you will not be able to evaluate them!  . “(Koran).    
It is virtually impossible for God’s benefits run out or dry up so long as […]

And if we returned from our mistakes

In the Qur’an, the Lord says, “have effectively disowned those who said:  “God is the third of three.”  And it is God’s only One God.  If they do not put an end to what they say, a painful torment will touch almost certainly those of them who have denied.  ”” Will they not return to […]

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