Hell Part 1

Allah Praised be He said:
” He thought . And decided . That perish ! As decided ! Again, it perish , as he decided ! Then he looked . And he frowned and his face hardened . He then turned and swelled with pride. Then he said : “This ( the Quran ) is only […]

The world of barzakh



Among the steps along the terrifying journey to the other-world face the Barzakh (the intermediate world between death and the Day of Resurrection) that the Qur’an: “Behind them (after death), there is a barrier (barzakh ) until the Day they are raised “(Surat al-Mu’minun: 23/100.)
One day Imam Sadiq es (رضي الله عنه) said: “For by […]

Death is not a taboo…!!






Death under Islam is not considered a taboo, a subject that we avoid to talk about a subject that is concerned to discuss and address in our discussions.  
The death must be present in our minds, it must be our concern and our concern should not forget majeure.On death , it must be in our […]

The Longest Day …



 A former section is like a childhood friend that can not forget because it reminds us of our past, and allows us to thank Allah for having guided us to Islam, the rest of our lives so I invite you, dear visitors to share with me this pleasure.   Omar Ibn Al-Khattab (ra) said: “Never a […]

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