40 Beneficial hadith filled with wisdom

1. The Prophet of Allaah, sallallahu alayhee wa aalehee wasalam said: “Religion is sincerity.” We said: “To whom, O the Prophet of Allaah?” He said: “To Allaah, His Book, His Messenger, to the leaders of the Muslims & their common folk.” [Muslim, Iman (Faith), 95]
2. “Islaam necessitates having good moral qualities.” [Qanz Al-Ummal, 3/17, Hadith […]

Implore Allah to help us during our reviews !

Your Lord said: “Implore Me, I will listen to you!  But those who, through pride, refuse to worship Me will enter his head down to Hell. ”  (Surat al-Ghafir 40 verse 60)   
 ”And whosoever puts his trust in Allah, He [Allah] is sufficient.  Allah will surely accomplish His purpose, and Allah has appointed a measure […]

12 Tips for Muslim Youth

Why should you, a young Muslim, be helping to bring your friends closer to Allah? After all, you’ve got your own struggles to deal with: trying to explain why you pray to hostile teachers, Hijab discrimination, standing up in class when the professor attacks Islam, dealing with parents who think you’ve gone nuts because you’re […]

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